Welcome to my recipe place.  I needed a place to share my Low Carb, High Fat recipes with friends and family, so here I am.  I’ve lost 45 pounds so far and my health markers are excellent.  I know my pictures aren’t all that great, I am certainly no food blogger and not trying to be!  I started eating this way in January 2014 and I absolutely love it.  I’ve been on plenty of diets over the years but this has become my way of eating.  It’s no longer a “diet”.  I no longer experience that “hangry” feeling that comes with typical diet plans.  I’ve happily given up sugar, grains, starchy carbs, junk food and processed foods.  I try to eat grass-fed beef, wild caught seafood, organic, non-gmo veggies and pastured pork, chickens and eggs and lots of healthy fats as much as possible.  I’ve learned to adapt the foods and recipes I love to this lifestyle.  Thanks to Maria Emmerich, Jimmy Moore, Linda Genaw, Dave Asprey and many, many more who are really good at sharing great information and sending me on my way down this successful path!  If you want to know more about why this way of eating is so great, please check out their websites.  They explain it very well.  Happy Eating!  Keto and lovin’ it!



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